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I'm Claire,

A Psychotherapy And Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) registered Holistic Counsellor.

My strengths are in humor, compassion, contextualising feelings, and bringing a broader understanding to who we are, using this to discover solution to personal issues and discomforts.

My main formula, is that the better we understand ourselves, the easier we can find the right tools to implement in our lives to alleviate any personal struggles.

As a qualified Outdoor Instructor, I can also run therapeutic activities in Nature.

Specialties: ADHD, Anxiety, Adolescents, Children, Self Esteem, 'People Pleasing', Relationship Concerns, Grief. 

Available for NDIS, Self and Plan Managed Clients.


PACFA Member 5726


Psychotherapy is a treatment in which a trained person establishes a relationship with an individual for the purpose of modifying or removing existing symptoms and promoting personality growth.

Holistic Psychotherapy works on the premise that we are all body, emotions, mind and soul, interconnected.

That our environment, family, history and beliefs come together to inform how we experience life.

We don't consider what is 'wrong' with us, but rather work towards a greater understanding and acceptance of how we operate in the world, and using this understanding as a foundation to discover the best tools and approaches that can guide us to create more inner ease and peace. 

Holistic Psychotherapy teaches us that we are each individuals, greater than the sum of our parts, and consideration of the connections between these parts helps us towards our own healing.


Bringing traditional Holistic Psychotherapy out into Nature allows as more space to explore our inner worlds through different mediums, including movement and metaphor.

It gets us out of the familiar environment which itself could be causing some of our distress.

It allows us fresh air, sunshine, and the alleviation of the discomfort some of us feel when being asked to sit still. Especially difficult when we are also working through uncomfortable emotions or thoughts.

It helps create more transference of the epiphanies and lessons we have during therapy, as nature flows through all of life.

Studies show the positive impact Nature has on our nervous system.


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